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Innovative solutions for food industrial and health and personal care markets

All-in-one cleaner formulation: solution in dilution
All-in-one cleaner Caldic Malaysia
Caltherm® heat transfer fluids, enabling you to optimize the safety and performance of your processing installation
Pipelines on site, containing Caltherm Heat Transfer Fluids to optimize the production process
Introducing AdalbaPro: world's first food ingredient line made from insects
AdalbaPro Insect protein
Food Ingredient Repacking & Packaging Services Caldic: Your Food Ingredients Distributor
Close up of the (Re)paking facility, one of the Food Processing Services provided by Caldic
Caldic's Natural Personal Care alternatives
Silica powder
A close-up of sand, which is used for the production of Silica, a own-production of Caldic.
How Clean Label has become the rule
Various jars on a shelf with all sorts of spices
Protein Enrichment: Speeding up recovery with ice cream and sausage rolls
Icecream scoop and peach icecream
Antimicrobials. Sustainable protection of fibrous and polymerized materials
Antimicrobial biocide solutions for bedding and textile
Calstar: our Gas-to-Liquid Technology
Pipette with liquid drop hanging on the end, against a blurry orange and turquoise background
Expertise and formulation in silicones Caldic: Your Distributor in Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care
Sustainable agriculture Caldic: Your Industrial Chemicals Distributor
Agriculture Ethylene glycol  Sustainable bio-based surfactants wetting agents dispersants emuldifiers oils glycols esters Caldic Industrial Solutions
Better for you - Food Ingredients Caldic: Your Food Ingredients Distributor
Calsil Silicone Moisturizing Caldic: Your Distributor in Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care